Our promise to you...

Torchlight is committed to you and your child. Learn how we protect your privacy, provide compassionate support, and share our expertise.

Whenever you log in to your Torchlight account, we want you to feel confident, comfortable, and secure. Therefore, we promise to:

  • Protect and secure your data and privacy
    The Torchlight team handles the security of your data with the utmost care. Names or individual identifiers are never shared, not even with your employer. Our Privacy Policy further details the extensive measures we take to ensure your privacy.
  • Provide compassionate support to you, the parent
    Our Team consists of top professionals in their field as well as parents of children who struggle. We understand how difficult it can be to get the right help for your child regardless of his or her age or area of difficulty. And many of us have experienced firsthand the challenges that too often exist when working with school systems and others to get services. We’ve been there, and we “get it.”
  • Share our expertise
    Torchlight offers the latest information about education laws, best practices in teaching and learning, and parenting strategies to support children with a range of challenges. We don’t stop there. We also provide hundreds of tips, tools, and features that can help you advocate for your child and help him or her be successful.