Use of the official languages in the Torchlight experience

Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., is committed to providing an exceptional bilingual experience to its Canadian clients and users. At the core of our program are the highly qualified subject matter experts who create our content (written, live, or recorded) – all in their official language of choice. Neither our live events nor our videos rely on subtitles, or dubbing, or voiceover narration but instead are delivered in both English and French; in essence, we double our content by working with both anglophone and francophone experts who create versions of the content in their native languages. In addition, the team that is responsible for assembling the content is comprised of a majority of bilingual team members, and our Chief Product Officer is a fluently bilingual native of Quebec. Our in-house translation department is made up of Canadian certified English-to-French translators who are charged with ensuring that the product, its content, and all communications and initiatives meet the highest standards in both official languages. This allows us to produce content with a native ear and affords us multiple levels of review for quality. Bilingual clients are assigned a bilingual Account Manager who is charged with optimizing and running the program, and their mandate includes delivering the service in both official languages. All communications and designed collateral are delivered in French and in English to the same exacting standards and may include the Torchlight brand name.