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Trouble in Cyber-dise

What's covered

Does your high schooler seem more connected to her Instagram account than she does to her real life? Does your third grader constantly have his eyes on a smart device, despite your best efforts to limit household screen time? Gaming, social media, and digital entertainment are ubiquitous (and fun) parts of modern life. But how much is too much? Spend an hour with our screen time expert to gain some perspective. You’ll gain a greater understanding of:

  • Screen and media addictions. Are they real or not?
  • The signs and symptoms of screen or media addictions.
  • How to tune up the family screen-time policy when you simply want to scale back.
  • How to help your child if his or her love of all things digital has become something more serious.


"Explained the science behind the issue and offered practical solutions. Speaker was very knowledgeable and engaging."

"Good to know what things to 'look' for and also provides some great suggestions on how to address them."

A set of hands holding a set of video game controls with screen in the background
DURATION: About 1 hour
PRESENTER: Janell Burley Hofmann
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